Save the Rohingya Muslims of Burma

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Rohingya people

Rohingya people
Displaced Rohingya people in Rakhine State (8280610831).jpg
The Rohingya people areMuslim Indo-Aryan peoples from the Rakhine State, Myanmar.

The official stance of the tyrannical Myanmar government, however, has been that the Rohingyas are mainly illegal immigrants who migrated into Arakan following Burmese independence .

International media and human rights organizations have often described Rohingyas as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.According to the United Nations, the human rights violations against Rohingyas could be termed as “crimes against humanity”.

Muslims have settled in Rakhine State (also known as Arakan) since the 15th century, although the number of Muslim settlers before British rule is unclear.Despite debates concerning its origins,the term “Rohingya,” in the form of Rooinga, first appeared in 1799 in an article about a language spoken by Muslims claiming to be natives of Arakan.


In 1982, General Ne Win‘s government enacted the Burmese nationality law, which denied Rohingya citizenship, rendering a majority of Rohingya population stateless. Since the 1990s, the term “Rohingya” has increased in usage among Rohingya communities.

As of 2013, about 1.23 million Rohingyas live in Myanmar. They reside mainly in the northern Rakhine townships, where they form 80–98% of the population. Many Rohingyas have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh, to areas along the border with Thailand, and to the Pakistani city of Karachi.More than 100,000 Rohingyas in Myanmar live in camps for internally displaced persons, not allowed by authorities to leave.

Probes by the UN have found evidence of increasing incitement of hatred and religious intolerance by “ultra-nationalist Buddhists” against Rohingyas while the Burmese security forces have been conducting “summary executions, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and detention, torture and ill-treatment and forced labour” against the community. Rohingyas have received international attention in the wake of 2012 Rakhine State.




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