Digital Note XDN :Digital Money Inc.

DigitalNote XDN formerly known as DarkNote XDN and before that as duckNote XDN is a digital Currency in the family of crypto money. It is  decentralized digital money which means nobody owns or controls it. It relies on peer-to-peer technology and fair ASIC-resistant PoW mining process to operate with no central authority.

The website explains it as basing on CryptoNote anonymous technology and updated with unique untraceable encrypted messaging system and blockchain based deposits.
The site further states they guarentee instant worldwide privacy protected transactions and untraceable encrypted messaging transfers with almost zero processing fees in decentralized peer-to-peer users network.

More technical and long related info can be found here at .

The XDN performance in the last few days shows signs of a promising future for the digital money. Here are some of the tweets on social media expressing optimism for XDN.




Value of DigitalNote for today is฿0.00000013 (bitcoins). It has a current circulating supply of 6.87 Billion coins and a total volume exchanged of ฿21.8

As of today each Digital Note is worth $0.000117. It has risen (16.06%) against the Dollar and 14.48% against Bitcoin.

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