About APT

Welcome to APT.


When we have enough grace, we extend grace. When we are full of life, we share life. When we have vision and hope to embrace, we spread them. We don’t become alive by changing the world. We are empowered to change the world when we are fully alive…..


Asia Pacific Times is a unique blend of news, information, analysis and opinion delivered from our laptops onto yours. Asia Pacific Times exists to provide you with the news, analysis, insight and opinion that you need.  There are many ways to describe exactly what we do (and for the price of a cup of coffee we’ll talk your ears off about it), but the best way to understand the end result is to experience it…. Asia Pacific Times is run by an independently owned, private person with no affiliation to any other media group.

Give us a tiny slice of your time and we’ll give you the world. We’ll also throw in a whole lot of fun, just to sweeten the deal.

Welcome to APT my dear average, every day, and possibly even mediocre person. We are better together, and together we both can and were meant to make a difference as we are transformed and learn to love. Join us on this journey as we inspire one another to change the world…..


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